It was awesomely radical!

Allyson W. – 9th Grade

It was an uplifting experience that made me believe in myself.

Jessica Z. – 11th

Everyone should get this great opportunity.

Cathryn N. - 10th

It was inspiring.

Lindsey Y. – 10th

It was an eye opening experience.

Ryan S. - 10th

Amazing experience.

Elizabeth C. – 9th

A fun, learning experience.

Melissa Y. – 10th

It was great. I learned a lot. I’m so happy to be part of this program.

Lex F. – 10th

It helped me with things I need to work on.

Megan G. - 8th

Anything is possible if you are in the right mindset.

Karli S. – 10th

It opened my mind to a lot of things I never really thought about.

Melissa B. – 11th

Students have the power to come together and create great things.

Jessica Z. – 11th

Today’s training opened new doors and closed the old ones.

Erica E. - 8th

Y4Y is a fun learning process to be a leader.

Taylor W. - 7th

Bullying is a bad thing. Don’t hurt others, make a change, now.

Holly C. - 7th

Look past the negative and see the positives.

Taylor H. - 8th

It was informal yet confidence building.

Grant Z. - 7th

A learning experience about yourself.

Mikaylah S. - 7th

Always take action.

CJ L. - 7th