What quote motivates you the most? We as humans are aspirational by nature and many quotes appeal directly to our nature, helping us see something in ourselves we want to change. Quotes serve as a reminder about who we want to become.

We have what we call thought habits; habitual ways of thinking that allows us to either talk ourselves into opportunities or out of opportunities on a daily basis. Thought habits also impact whether one’s thinking is mostly positive or negative.  The words of Henry Ford,

“Think you can or think you can’t, either way you will be right,”

became an important mantra for life that instilled confidence within me, especially when trying new things.

A quote by W. Clement Stone, “To every disadvantage there is a corresponding advantage. Find it!” became an important belief and driving force in my life. Maybe I saw the “find it” as more of a challenge. No matter the reason why, I am grateful that this quote has become an important part of my life.

When I heard Tony Robbins say, “Success leaves clues,” my realization was that there was no need to reinvent the wheel. Learn from the masters. Take what you learn and use it to go further, faster and easier through life.

Here’s an idea for success. It is what I call setting up the game to win. Where is the first place you go to when you get out of bed in the morning and the last place you go to at night before going to bed? Put a book of quotes in that room and read one or two quotes to start and end your day. Do this daily for 30 consecutive days (keyword consecutive). I must caution you: this will turn into a daily habit and an easy way to begin changing or reinforcing your thought habits.

Got kids? Imagine if this became one of their daily habits for success…such as a daily breakfast and bedtime routine. As we say in parenting for prevention and success; start early and often. Now is a perfect time to start.

Author Larry Tracey, is Executive Director of Youth4Youth.org which focuses on Success, Skill and Leadership development in youth, and Program Director of the Way Out West Coalition, which is focused on creating a safe and unified, drug-free community. Email leadership@youth4youth.org to request additional information or visit https://www.youth4youth.org  and https://www.WOWcoalition.org