Youth4Youth leadership training’s always begin with two of my favorite quotes; “Think you can or think you can’t, either way you will be right,” by Henry Ford and “Success leaves clues” by Tony Robins. This sets the direction for the day and the Youth4Youth blog shall begin no different; we will focus on thought habits and share clues for success.

As our Y4Y Blog expands you will:

  1. Find practical, usable leadership information that you can immediately apply resulting in greater success in life.
  2. Discover the value in daily habits and behaviors that will make your success inevitable.
  3. Learn how to stay focused on your dreams, goals and purpose in life.
  4. Meet dynamic young people who decided to develop their leadership skills and are now changing the world for the better by focusing on their school and community.
  5. Connect with a growing community of youth and adults who want to use their leadership and success skills to create positive change in the world.

Y4Y is about developing leadership and success skills in all youth. Youth practice those skills by making a positive difference in their school, community and beyond. So, with this introductory entry, we’re asking everyone to follow our blog and use the Y4Y blog as a tool that allows you to go further, faster and easier through life.  We’ll post announcements weekly on our Facebook page, so if you want to follow us that way, please go to our Facebook page and click “Like.” Also, if you would, please invite your friends and neighbors view our blog and Facebook and you can follow us on Twitter!