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The Secret of the Can

  • Larry’s 30-gallon garbage can is a great visual that will be referred to in the halls and classroom
    long after the Keynoteyhs-sotc-blue
  • The “No Garbage” signs for classrooms serve as an ongoing reminder of the message
  • The Secret of the Can provides a fun and safe way to address critical issues
  • Woven within the keynote are the “Three Keys of Success”
  • The Keynote ends with a powerful lesson about the “Third Key of Success”
  • Handouts and support materials available for classroom use


  • The Story of “The lcc-spotlight1Secret of the Can”
  • Four Types of People

    • Victims
    • Victimizers
    • Couch Potatoes
    • Keepers of the Keys of Success


  • Three Levels Change
    • Trashing othersms-sotc-blue
    • Absorbing OPG
    • Negative self-talk
  • Our Most Important Resource – The 1st Key of Success
  • Focusing on Dreams, Direction and Goals – The 2nd Key of Success
  • The Power of The 3rd Key of Success

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Ultimate Leadership Training (ULT)


Imagine young adults thinking, feeling and saying, “I’m not lucky…I’m just PROGRAMMED 4 SUCCESS.” That is what  youth will be saying when you give them a catalyst for rapid growth and a distinct advantage in life with Ultimate Leadership Training (UTL). ULT provides a solid foundation that will unleash each person’s potential, giving them the necessary skills to take action, achieve their goals and make a difference in the world.

This hands-on interactive retreat style training is specifically designed to meet your goals and objectives. Choose from half, full-day or overnight sessions. Each young adult receives their personal Ultimate Leadership Guide to assist them in development as a great leader. This is a life-changing experience that takes participants through a process of:

  • Speaking with Passion and Confidence
  • Quality Leadership: Integrity & Commitment
  • Developing as a Visionary Leader
  • Becoming Unstoppable with the “It” Formula
  • Playing the “The Responsibility Game”
  • Using Your Power of Focus
  • The 3 Keys of Success
  • The Power of Thought
  • Problem Solving
  • Decision Making

Ideal for teams, clubs & student organizationshudson-passion-2

  • Fast-paced Interactive Learning
  • 1/2 & Full-day Sessions
  • Retreat & Summer Training

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